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Badger Ridge Acquisition

Community Comes Together To Raise Funds Needed!

Recent Badger Photo
Badger photo was taking recent at a nearby River Park Foundation property

Two key properties in our larger Badger Ridge Conservation Initiative recently became available for purchase. By working together, we can conserve habitat for wildlife, oak woodlands and open space along the South Rim of the Upper San Diego River Gorge.

Latest Update: May 23 - everything is set to complete the purchase next week!

BACKGROUND: Recently, we got a wonderful call from the son of a landowner who is interested in selling two properties she owns in our South Rim Focus Area. Before they put the property on the market, they wanted to give us an opportunity to purchase the land. Wow! But we didn't have much time!

The property is located off Eagle Peak Road near Julian and Pine Hills.
Property Location - Google Map Click Here



More than a decade ago, we identified the importance of conserving open space along and near to Eagle Peak Road. Since then we have completed the acquisition of more than 20 parcels!

We continue to work to complete this acquisition strategy to help conserve and protect this incredible open space. As we acquire property, we have surveyed them. Documentation of American Badger, a California Species of Concern, has highlighted the significance of this area which we know call "Badger Ridge."

Our teams have also documented this area as an important area for the movement of large mammals such as cougar, bobcat, deer and fox. It is important that this largely undeveloped area remains that way. It is also a beautful open space with oak woodlands, wildflowers and incredible scenic vistas.

We have several more properties that if they become available for acquisition or donation, we want to act upon. Sometime action is needed to conserve these lands, and you can play an important role by joining with to raise the funds needed.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciate and needed to support managing these lands and to acquire properties that become available in the future. Thank you!


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The San Diego River Park Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit EIN 01-0565671

4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92110

    Reasons To Acquire This Land
  • Stunning vistas
  • Oak Woodland and other important habitats
  • Connects an isolated SDRPF owned parcel with other SDRPF properties.
  • Helps protect the Upper San Diego River Gorge ecosystem
  • Key piece of Badger Ridge conservation initiative
  • Badger, bobcat, deer, mountain lion, fox conservation
  • Source waters for Ritchie Creek, a tributary of the San Diego River

    Video for the San Diego River Park Foundation from Jim Karnik Films onVimeo.

    Will you join us? Please consider donating $20 or more.

You can also join us on a future hike or outing to the area. Contact us via email to let us know of your interest.


$10 - $99: Receive an invitation to next open house and be listed on this website (if desired).

$100 - $499: Receive recognition at the Property Dedication Event and at the Anniversary Party as a Conservation Champion. Plus above.

$500 - $999: Be recognized on a donor appreciation bench at Eagle Peak Ranch plus above.

$1000 - $4999: Be recognized on the property dedication sign to be located at Eagle Peak Ranch plus on the website (if desired) and open house invitation as well as invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

$5000+: Receive prominent recognition on the Dedication Sign to be located at Eagle Peak Ranch plus this website (if desired) and open house invitation and an invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

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Happy Trails for now and forever!


Current Projects

  • South Rim Conservation Area
    We are working to acquire 3 properties totalling 12.5 acres in this key area on the south side of the Upper River Gorge.
    Donate Now

    More information

  • Boulder Creek Conservation in the Eagle Peak Conservation Area

    Fisherman's Camp is on Boulder Creek, one of the major tributaries of the San Diego River. We continue to work to restore the Creek and make improvements to the property to support it as a Education and Research Field Station. In the meantime, we are currently exploring opportunities to acquire additional properties to protect the Creek as well as other Creeks to the south.

Your donation of $20, $40 or more can make a difference in protecting these lands!
Donate Now

For more information on any of these projects or other ways to get involved, contact our CEO Rob Hutsel or call (619) 297-7380.


Final Updated: 5/10/19

You Did It!

Special thanks to the
Wildlife Club

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$1000 and +

Chip Owen
Ann & Bill Dahnke
Bob Kain
Jack McGrory
Beth Bruton
Mary & Jim Dawe
Sally & Peter Nelson
Nga & Bob Burkett
Peter Thomas

$500 - $999

Karen Begin & Rob Hutsel
Meg & Mike Schneider
Cary Lowe
Phil Pryde
Donna & Charles Berwanger
Alan Grant
Ryan Gittins
Beth Callender
Marilyn Gibbs
Richard Ledford
Perry Dealy

$100 - $499

Erin Young
Ken Waite
Michael Beck
Fred & Linda Kramer
Gingy & Bud Ferguson
Susan Hector
Carolyn Doherty
Judy Swink
Bonnie Sipe
Debra Van Hyfte
Judi Ravetti
Glenn Little
Jennifer Erickson
Terri Johnson
Melany Biendara
Susan Perry
Joan Raphael
Linda & Bill Shaw
Victoria Mature
Donna & Edwin Gookin
Everett Neuman
Patricia Walsh
Jean & Scott Molentin
Wayne Seim
Sara Fitzpatrick
Alexandra Garmon
Miller & Hendricksen in honor of the marriage of Dave Gilbert & Liz Vinas
Claude Petty
Mike Kelly
Elizabeth Devin
Carol & Dennis Wilson
Theresa Acerro
Patricia & Douglas Coe
Jeannette & Tom Poling
Lindy Harshberger
Jolene & John Steigerwalt
Robert Mazalewski
Frank Chaco

Up to $99
Jim Lamm
Charles Plavi
Laura Dick
Hilde van den Bergh
Cheryl Friday
Judy Alvarez
Stanley Cook
Ginger Bahardar
Terri Bennett
Keith Larson
Gay Meyer
Michael Lysik
Scott Wahl
Joellen & Bob Collins
Daniel Kane
Lois & Lee Fetzer
Michell Thitathan
Jane Engelman
Rita-Maria Kafalas-May
Karen Ledterman
Martin & Cindie Offenhauer
Alissa Rose
Wilma Ward
Marta Tabares
Emi Kaneshiro
Helen Crawford
Ann Zahner
Ann & Michael Sixtus
Margaret Payne
Carolyn Plou
Barbara Morton & Mary Severine
Regina Choy
Patricia Herron
DMY Studio
Dave Brown Coaching
Debra Clark
Kenda Collins-Ritchie & Phil Ritchie
Richard Palmer
Thomas Leech
Lynne Diamond
Sara Manyak
M. McKirnan
Christina Ward
Irene Nava
Richard Lavery
Ann & Tom Cottrell
Jean Rannells

Total donation is shown for those that gave multiple gifts.
Pledges are also shown.

* We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know so we can correct them.

Additional donations will go in the Preserve's Endowment to pay for maintenance, annual insurance and property tax. Any further funds will go toward our next open space acquisition effort.

Of course, if you would like your gift to be anonymous, just let us know. Thank you!

Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
EIN 01-0565671



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