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San Diego River Days from May 7th- May 21st
Leading up to Riverfest May 22nd

We are excited to announce our annual celebration River Days, is back in person and out in nature! River Days is our celebration and appreciation of the San Diego River, its watershed and the wonderful community we are a part of. It is 2+ weeks of events hosted by the San Diego River Park Foundation joined with our other partners and thousands of volunteers for activities such as hiking, workshops, kid’s activities, public art projects, bike rides, runs and so much more! We know the past few years have been rough and not ideal and we want to connect all of you back to the fun of the river and outdoors. We hope you all have been staying safe and we cannot wait to see you all out there and celebrate with you!


May 7th-May 22nd

Please join us for our San Diego River Days activities that the whole family can enjoy! The celebration does not end there, but directly leads into our 5k and 1k fun run called Riverfest on May 22nd. Get ready for this event with yoga classes, educational activities, and other runs we are offering in our River Days events.

To find out more information about these events visit:
To check out how you can get involved virtually continue reading!



R is for Recreate


If you’ve been feeling a bit glum from staying at home, why not head outdoors? Research shows that time spent in nature can improve mental and physical health. There are many beautiful parks and outdoor spaces throughout our watershed which are open for activity, including some which are likely in your own neighborhood!


Click here for tips about staying safe while recreating as well as list showing which parks are open and closed along the River.


If you are out and about, you can show your River Days spirit by snapping a selfie, sharing it online, and adding a #sdriverdays hashtag!  


I is for Inspire


Looking for a way to get the kids involved? Check out our Pollution Patrol video and activity, or our Nature Scavenger hunt video and activity. This is a great way for children and adults to practice their observation skills while exploring the San Diego River and its watershed (while close to home). You can find more at-home Cool River learning resources for kids by clicking here.


We are also excited to share these special virtual River Days opportunities created by our partners!



• San Diego County Parks and Recreation has created some coloring pages highlighting County parks in the San Diego River Watershed. You can download them here: El Capitan Preserve, William Heise County Park, Oakoasis Preserve, and Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve.

V is for Volunteer


You can help create a better future for the San Diego River. We are seeking help from River Trail users to be our eyes and ears out there! If you are biking or walking along the San Diego River, please send us photos of flooding, graffiti, or trash. Tell us where and when you took the photo. You can send photos to us by email.


(We won't say no to beautiful flowers or exciting wildlife photos either!)


Click here to a list of additional remote volunteer opportunities!

E is for Explore


Go explore a new place virtually! You can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of our San Diego River watershed from home. Join us for a virtual tour of some of our favorite watershed locations.

•  Bathtub Creek / Eagle Peak Preserve virtual hike in the San Diego River Headwaters

•  Point Loma Native Plant Garden virtual hike in our urban garden

•  Tracking demonstration by SDRPF Preserve Steward      


You can also follow us on Facebook  and Instagram for recent photos and videos of our River and its flora and fauna.

R is for Reconnect


Reconnect with your community:  The San Diego River Park Foundation is fortunate to be supported by an enormous community of volunteers, donors, partners, and advocates. We miss gathering with you and cannot wait to see you at all of these events! Thank you for your continued support and appreciation for the San Diego River.


Reconnect with nature: Spending time in nature is a great way to relax and better understand yourself. We've created a guided exercise to help you try out mindfulness in a nearby natural space! Review this introduction and then listen in to this video.





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Two of our programs are being adapted to meet vital essential services. Nature connections are more important that ever!


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