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Stock Gifts


Making a gift of stocks can have a tremendous impact. If it is appreciated stock, you may not need to pay capital gains! (check with your tax or financial advisors to learn of any limitations)

You receive an immediate income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stocks on the date of the transfer, no matter the original value.

In these times of changing stock values, the benefit of not having to pay capital gains on appreciated stocks, can be immense. Rather than selling stocks, you can retain all of the value to make a gift with the greatest impact by gifting stocks directly to The San Diego River Park Foundation.

Check with your tax and or financial advisor for details.

The stocks will need to be transferred directly to our stock broker.

Please follow these steps when making your stock donation:

1. Provide the following to your stock broker:
Wells Fargo Advisors DTC#0141
Account Name: The San Diego River Park Foundation Account Number: 1705-7548
Contact: Phone: 858-523-7904, Jeffrey Liber
Print Out This Information


2. Please call or have your stock broker call Jeffrey Liber or one of his associates at 858-523-7904 and let him know that the stocks will be donated. He can confirm any information and the timing of the receipt.

3. Please let Rob Hutsel, President and CEO of the San Diego River Park Foundation, know of your intent to donate stocks (or that they have already been donated). We want to make sure we credit your donation appropropriately. The donation can be for general purposes or directed to one of our programs. Just let Rob know or talk with him about what you would like the impact to be.
Rob Hutsel 619-297-7380 x 108 or

Note: "The" must be included as it is part of our legal name.

Donations to The San Diego River Park Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law. We are a 501c3 public benefit nonprofit. For legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney or financial advisors.

Legal Name: The San Diego River Park Foundation
EIN: 01-0565671
Address: 4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 114; San Diego, CA 92110



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