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Great News, We Raised $35,000 to Secure a $35,000 Gift

That's $70,000 toward the $107,500 needed!

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January 2, 2019

Thank you to all who responded and donated more than $35,000 to the Eagle Peak Ranch Fund which was matched with a combined gift of $35,000 from two San Diego River Park Foundation volunteer Board Members.

Now, just over $30,000 remains to be raised! These funds are needed to make the first payment on the bridge financing for the incredible Eagle Peak Ranch.

The property is located off Eagle Peak Road near Julian and Pine Hills.
General Location - Google Map Click on Eagle Peak Ranch


More than a decade ago, we identified the importance of conserving open space along and near to Eagle Peak Road. Since then we have completed the acquisition of more than 20 parcels!

Before the Witch Creek Fire we identified a property that because of its significance as a wildlife corridor and a tributary of the San Diego River, we would like to see conserved and if needed acquired for permanent protection.

We weren't able to identify any significant funding partners and so we had to pass on pursuing the acquisition. A private party acquired the 299 acre ranch and used it largely as an equestrian riding area. Wonderful! Then we received word the property was once again going to be placed on the market. We did some research and learned more about the critical importance of this property as a regionally signifcant wildlife corridor for large mammals including cougar, deer, fox and bobcat.

We visited the property and learned that it was indeed very special. As one of the last large intact valleys with a wild tributary of the Upper San Diego River, we knew we had to act. With the support of The Conservation Fund, we were able to secure bridge financing and set out to raise more than $400,000 to complete the purchase. Our goal initially was to sell some of the land to be added to the Cleveland National Forest. However, we ran into some obstacles. Several supporters also expressed concern about this. In early 2019 we need to begin to re-pay The Conservation Fund's bridge financing. The first payment to pay down the loan is $107,500. If we can raise $35,000 and then receive a matching $35,000 that will get us closer to raising the needed funds. But we need your help!

Thank you for if you have previously joined with us to conserve Eagle Peak Ranch. These donations prevented the land from possibly being sold for development. The future of this land is in our hands but we must act.

A gift of any amount is greatly appreciate and needed. Thank you!

To donate by mail, click here for a printable form (PDF)
For donation appreciation opportunities, click here

For questions or to donate over the phone call 619-297-7380 M-F 9 -6PM

The San Diego River Park Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit EIN 01-0565671
Our mailing address is
4891 Pacific Highway, Suite 114
San Diego, CA 92110

    Reasons To This Land Was Acquired
  • Stunning vistas
  • Key wildlife corridor for large mammals (regionally significant)
  • Offers trail opportunities
  • Was on the market and at risk of development
  • Helps protect the Upper San Diego River Gorge ecosystem
  • Stunning century old oaks
  • Natural springs and wild creek
  • Adjacent to San Diego River Park Foundation lands

    Saving Temescal Creek - San Diego River Park Foundation from Jim Karnik Films on Vimeo.

    Will you join us? Please consider donating $20 or more.

You can also join us on a future hike or outing to the area. Contact us via email to let us know of your interest.


$10 - $99: Receive an invitation to next open house and be listed on this website (if desired).

$100 - $499: Receive a packet of 3 conservation cards plus above.

$500 - $999: Be recognized on a donor appreciation bench at Eagle Peak Ranch plus on website (if desired) and invitation to a future open house.

$1000 - $4999: Be recognized on the property dedication sign plus on the website (if desired) and open house invitation as well as invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

$5000+: Receive prominent recognition on the Dedication Sign plus website (if desired) and open house invitation and an invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

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Happy Trails for now and forever!


Current Projects

  • South Rim Conservation Area
    We are working to pursue several properties in this key area on the south side of the Upper River Gorge.
    Donate Now

    More information

  • Final Property on El Cajon Mountain

    After years of work, just one privately owned property remains within our El Cajon Moutain Conservation area. We have set a goal of raising $25,000 to purchase the property if it becomes available. At this time, the owner has not agreed to sell the property at a value we can support. We will continue to continue to contact the owner on a regular basis to see if we can come to terms.


  • Boulder Creek Conservation in the Eagle Peak Conservation Area

    Fisherman's Camp is on Boulder Creek, one of the major tributaries of the San Diego River. We continue to work to restore the Creek and make improvements to the property to support it as a Education and Research Field Station. In the meantime, we are currently exploring opportunities to acquire additional properties to protect the Creek as well as other Creeks to the south.

Your donation of $20, $40 or more can make a difference in protecting these lands!
Donate Now

For more information on any of these projects or other ways to get involved, contact our CEO Rob Hutsel or call (619) 297-7380.



Special thanks to the
Wildlife Club

Click here to learn more

$1000 and above
Alan Grant
Phil Pryde
Linda & Lyle Cocking
Rob Hutsel & Karen Begin
Peter Thomas
Gingy & Bud Ferguson
Ryan Gittins
The Franklin & Dorothy Piacentini Charitable Trust
Colleen Christensen
Diane & Bill Hunter
Cindy Burrascano
Chip Owen
Terry Gaughen
Mary Grant
Ann Ramirez
Christopher Garrod

$100 - $999
Gary Marcus
Derek Loranger
Katharine Woessner
Lisa Wood
Marc Reynolds
Kathryn Riley
Margarite Turkle
Marilyn Gibbs
Shirley Larson
James Menders
Glenn Torbett
Charlene Price
Suzanne Roth
Christine & Greg Miller
Richard Larson
Judy Swink
Wayne Seim
Bonnie Sipe
Theresa Acerro
Nancy Bradbury in memory of
Judy Newton Harper
Sandra Williams in memory of
Thomas H. Williams
Judi Ravetti
Mark Dodge
David & Norma Little in memory of
Craig Little
Theodora Davis
Rachael Mello
Nancy Acevedo
Christine Justice
Zena Pillow
Helga & Sam Strong
Kelly Goodwin
Stephen Porter
Enrique Medina
Maartje Scherpenisse
Jeremy Tuler
Douglas & Patricia Coe
Cecile Walters
Peg & David Engel
Courtney Armusewicz
Jim Hutcheson
Clint & Kim Williams Family
Deirdre Lee
Jeanette Poling
Jean Molentin
Christina Rivas
Lois Fetzer
Linda Espino
Pierre La Plant
Jim Royle
Martin Offenhauer
Elizabeth Devin
Karen Ledterman

Up to $99
Darrell McMurtrey
Lori Escalera
Michael Flores
Maureen Ostyre
Beverly Brown
Eric Unruh
Christina Ward
Penny Tolchin
Marcie Mason
David Ripley
Ginger Bahardar in honor of All Living and Non-Living inhabitants of Earth
Richard Carrico
Jolynn Robbins
Robin Rodger
Anne Corrigan
Bruce & Carrie Nanninga
Nancy Frick in memory of
Judy Mc Entire
William Disher in honor of
Joan Embery
Gwen Phelps
Susan Cardinal
Betty & Steve Ball
Patricia Roberson
Cheryl Friday
Phyllis Berger
Ashley Hayslip
Thomas Collins
Jonathan Mittleman &
Colleen Bradley
Marti Kranzberg
Erika Cayton
Keith Larson
Lance Haynes
Charlene Schade
Suzi Harlow
Dawn Shaffer
James Potter
Joyce Karel
Juanita M. Van Ham


Total donation is shown for those that gave multiple gifts.
Pledges are also shown.

* We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know so we can correct them. Thanks to a supporter, 100% of your donation goes to the payment on the bridge financing.

Any additional proceeds will first go to pay off the note even further.

Of course, if you would like your gift to be anonymous, just let us know. Thank you!

Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
EIN 01-0565671



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