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In 2016 we completed 3 projects depleting our
Open Space Acquisition Fund

You can help us be ready to act on future opportunities

Your gift of $20, $40 or more can help us be ready to protect threatened open space.

Photo from the South Rim of the Upper San Diego River

July 15, 2017

We need your ongoing support as the Acquisition Fund needs to continue to grow. By raising $75,000 we can be ready to act on multiple opportunities we are facing. Currently, we have three properties where we are talking with land owners. Each of these are identified on our Priority List as important. We have identified one partner who will take the lead on one of these properties. Therefore, if the open spaces are going to be conserved, we will need to act.

We are scrambling to identify potential funding partners to try to secure the ability to purchase these properties. Total cost for both is estimated at $175,000. We have increased our goal up to $75,000. So that if we are able to reach a deal on either or both properties we will be close enough to act.

Thank you!

Click Here For Property Map for Recent Acquisition(PDF)

The property is located off Eagle Peak Road near Julian and Pine Hills.
General Location - Google Map


More than a decade ago, we identified the importance of conserving open space along and near to Eagle Peak Road. Since then we have completed the acquisition of more than 20 parcels! There are many additional parcels which if developed would put the important Upper San Diego River Gorge ecosystem and associated tributaries in jeopardy. Many of these lots are very small (less than 2 acres). Creating access roads to them across private and public lands would cause great concern and threaten the scenic and biological integrity of the region.

Thank you for if you have already are part of this vital effort to Protect the Source of the River and open the outdoors for people to enjoy.
You can join this effort by donating online. Click the "Donate" button and select "where most needed." Thanks!

For other donation options, click here
For donation appreciation opportunities, click here

    Reasons To Conserve This Land
  • Stunning Vistas
  • Key Wildlife Corridor for large mammals (regionally significant)
  • Protects Trail Opportunities
  • Could be on the market for development
  • Helps protect the Upper San Diego River Gorge ecosystem
  • Private holdings surrounded by proposed Wilderness area in Cleveland National Forest
  • Adjacent to San Diego River Park Foundation lands

    Saving Temescal Creek - San Diego River Park Foundation from Jim Karnik Films on Vimeo.


Give us a call at 619-297-7380 or send our CEO an email at

Will you join us? Please consider donating $20 or more.

Thank you!

There are many ways you can help with this initiative. Donate directly online:

Click here for other donation opportunities (mail, check, phone)
or call 619-297-7380 and we can go over the options with you and even take credit card information over the phone.

You can also join us on a future hike or outing to the area. Contact us via email to let us know of your interest.


$10 - $99: Receive an invitation to a future dedication open house and be listed on this website (if desired).

$100 - $499: Receive a packet of 3 conservation cards plus above.

$500 - $999: Be recognized on a donor appreciation bench at Eagle Peak Ranch plus on website (if desired) and invitation to a future open house.

$1000 - $4999: Be recognized on the property dedication sign plus on the website (if desired) and open house invitation as well as invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

$5000+: Receive prominent recognition on the Dedication Sign plus website (if desired) and open house invitation and an invitation to join the River Park Foundation's Conservation Society for one year (or extension of one year if current member).

Happy Trails for now and forever!


Current Projects

  • South Rim Acquisitions in the Eagle Peak Conservation Area
    Working to conserve the South Rim of the Upper San Diego River Gorge, a key ecosystem and visual treasure. We are working with the owner of about 40 acres adjacent to our recent acquisitions in the area. It is adjacent to proposed Wilderness within the Cleveland National Forest. Its development would have a significant impact.

    Donate Now

    More information

  • Final Property on El Cajon Mountain

    After years of work, just one privately owned property remains within our El Cajon Moutain Conservation area. We have set a goal of raising $25,000 to purchase the property if it becomes available. At this time, the owner has not agreed to sell the property at a value we can support. We will continue to continue to contact the owner on a regular basis to see if we can come to terms.


  • Boulder Creek Conservation in the Eagle Peak Conservation Area

    Fisherman's Camp is on Boulder Creek, one of the major tributaries of the San Diego River. We continue to work to restore the Creek and make improvements to the property to support it as a Education and Research Field Station. In the meantime, we are currently exploring opportunities to acquire additional properties to protect the Creek as well as other Creeks to the south.

Your donation of $20, $40 or more can make a difference in protecting these lands!
Donate Now

For more information on any of these projects or other ways to get involved, contact our CEO Rob Hutsel or call (619) 297-7380.


For Recent Acquisitions:
(this list will be udpated soon)

Special thanks to The Hervey Family Fund at The San Diego Foundation for their generous grant.

$1000 or More

Alan Grant
Chip Owen
Carol & Dennis Wilson
Donna & Edwin Gookin
Sally & Peter Nelson
Lea & Betsy Rudee
Anonymous (multiple)
Terry Gaughen
James Oliver
Lois & Lee Fetzer
Kim & Keith Mittemeyer
Robert Burkett
Julie Hocking & Jim Baross
Conny Jamison
Gregory Lambron
Raydene & Peter St. Clair
Homefed Corporation
Clint & Kim Williams Family
Rob Hutsel, Karen Begin & Alex

$500 - $999

Cindy Burrascano
Pierre La Plant
Theodora Davis
Laura & Bruce Eidelson
James Pea
Deanna & Dick Spehn
Marilyn Gibbs
Rita & Dan Conaty
Mike White & Jerre Stallcup

$100 - $499

John Boller in honor of his six grandchildren
Stephen Porter in honor of Hannelore Irwin
Joseph Corones in honor of Emily Durbin
Cynthia Watchorn in honor of James W.T. Mau
Carolyn Post-Ladd in honor of Anne & Henry Post
Max Schmidt in memory of Marion Schmidt
Gary Marcus in honor of Linda Marcus
James Colston in memory of Conrad Brennen
Simon Andrews in honor of Skip Price
Schwab Charitable Fund
Anonymous (multiple)
Lori Adkison & Alan Timmerman
Michael Hix
Kevin Hippensteel
Kathleen & John Stremlau
Helga & Samuel Strong
Virginia & William Ferguson
Dan Silver
Nora Jean Smith
Jeannette Poling
Christopher Adler
Jean & Scott Molentin
Nancy Nenow
Peter Barry
Rita & Jerry Bierman
Brenda Richmond
Teresa & Glen Bryson
William Disher
Janet Gastil
David Kimball
Suzanne Roth
Eric Unruh
Roger and Gail Wynn
Marquez & Associates
Rita and Jerry Bierman
Diane and Bill Hunter
Christine Justice
Everett Neuman
Stephen Haase
Diana Lorenz
Leslie Seiger
Cindie & Martin Offenhauer
Howard Pippen
PayPal Giving Fund
Jeannette Poling
Dr. Phil Pryde
Jyo & Preeti Purohit
Stuart Robinson
Barbara & Norwin Rosner
Jim Royle, Jr.
Anne & Thomas Scott
Glenn Torbett
Tracey Rivera Insurance Agency, Inc.
Kathryn & Rex Warbuton
Theresa Acerro
John Anderson
Bev Bruff
Elizabeth Brydolf
Wesley Danskin
Arvonne Degenfelder
Dick & Joan Wayman Fund of Fidelity Charitable
Berit & Tom Durler
Linda Espino
Virginia & William Ferguson
Pat Grant
Gail & Ron Grant
Greer Family Trust
Lindy Harshberger
Lisa Heinz
I Heng Huang
Jean Kaiwi
Mike Kelly
Olive Kerr
Linda King & Joe Neff
Linda & Fred Kramer
Susan Krzywicki
Pierre La Plant
Glenn Little
Victoria Mature
Rachael Mello
Christopher Cole
Steven Higgins
Howard Lange
Nancy & Barry Pechersky

Up to $99

Lauryl Driscoll in honor of grandchildren Dustin and Demi Driscoll
Lore Mayo in honor of TJ, a beloved dog
Ally Welborn
Jean Kaiwi
Anneli Kyner
Dee Dee Castro
Eva Williams
Daniel Beeman
Amanda Carter
Thomas Harrison
Sun Diego Collectibles
Thomas Collins
Tina Conlee
Hewlett Properties
Fred Nicolet
Douglas Scott & Benjamin Baltic
Darlene Sweetwood
Janet Kosta
Thomas Schlepel
Keith Larson
Yolanda Hunt-Boes
Gary Mitrovich
DeVeran Rogers
Gayathri Vishwanathan & Bharath Ramaswamy
Donna Zoll
Kitty Cooper
Cathy Bartels
Galea Albano
David Hamrah
Leah Healy
Christine Miller
Kim Patrick
Carolina Verba
James Carlyle
Trevor Neeb
Brenna Ogg
Robert Self
Jim & Cathy Potter
Cindy Scheevel
The Docents of the San Diego Natural History Museum
Mona Anderson
Christina Arias
Esther Barath
Lee Barken
Carolyn Barkow
Richard Barrett
Corinne Bassett
Connie Beck
Kaylene Burkhart
John Caffrey
Patricia Campbell
Robin Campbell
Bob Cisneros
Penny Clews
Cottrell Engineering
Kathy Dickey
Janice Duvall
Medford Dyer
Chris Erickson
Alison Farrin
Karen Foster
Cheryl Friday
Nancylee Friedlander
Roberta Froome
Parke Funderbunk
Marcia Gaudet
Lynee Glazer
Michael Golden
Mathieu Gregoire
David Hamrah
Carol Haney
Brian Hartley
Ashley Hayslip
Hewlett Properties
Jerry Hughes
Yolanda Hunt-Boes
JoAnne Hutsel
April Kapchinske
Kathy Keehan
Madeline King
Kevin Kinsella
Martyna Ladnowska
Michael Land
Rick Landavazo
Sandra Lebron
Cathy Lindsey
Cary Lowe
Fred Maki
April Maskiewicz
Marcie Mason
Allison McGee
Loretta McNeely
Neil Meyer
Michael Myers
Gary Nach
NVS Productions
Daniel Ogas
Maureen Ostyre
Adelle Owen
Richard Pilgrim
Charles Plavi
Carolyn Plou
Presentations Press
Jean Rannells
Patricia Ray
Nancy Reed
Judy Reinsma-Author
Nan Renner
DeVerna Rogers
Gary Sagunsky
Shirley & Fred Salzer
Jill Sarbiewski
Robert Schneider
Peter Shapiro
Makrom Shatila
Dr. Dan Silver
Bonnie Sipe
Amy Smith
Robin & Ernest Smith
Nora Jean Smith
Loren Spector
Michael Stephens
Kay Stewart
Tracey Tanzola
Penny Tolchin
Richard Van Sant
Elaine & Will Wilson
Janet Worthington
Yvonne Posner
Caroln Rodriguez
Dan Audick
Wihelmina Ausems
Alicia Bianchi
Stanley Cooke
Lynne Glazer
Robert Keck
Jeffrey Mason
Julie Rose
Art Votek
Christina Ward
Marcie Mason
Roberta Froome
Cameron Atsumi
Marti Kranzberg
Debra Brown
Una Marie Pierce
Hans Straub
Neil Myer
Chris Erickson
Kathy Keehan

Total donation is shown for those that gave multiple gifts. Pledges are also shown.

* We sincerely apologize for any errors. Please let us know so we can correct them. At least 90% of your donation goes to the direct cost of purchasing this land. Less than 5% is used for fundraising and donor recognition. Less than 5% is used for the expense of processing donations.

Gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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